While getting married young isn’t for everyone, well, here’s why we think getting married young is worth it.

With the average age for marriage is rising (27 for women & 29 for men, according to the National Marriage Project’s “Knot Yet” report), millennials are holding off on marriage for many reasons.

While many things today are encouraged to pursue education, careers and a freewheeling lifestyle before saying the magic words  “I do,” there’s yet much to be said about choosing the now-unconventional though about marrying young.

Let me start with my story , so my husband and I were in our mid 20s when we got hitched, despite family members advices suggesting we wait until he graduated college and his career took off, which would have taken years. After 11 years of marriage, two changes of majors, three career switches and two kids, we’re better off in every way because of it.



It’s so fulfilling to grow old together when you’ve grown up also weathered all of those young-adult, then midlife storms together. While others are still finding themselves, you’ve already figured out what you want in life and you have someone by your side who can help accomplish it.


If you’ve only lived in your childhood bedroom or a tiny apartment, chances are you aren’t moving in together with decades’ worth of stuff. You might only own a few furniture pieces and geeky collections, so setting up your first home together should be relatively easy.


Time is on your side with regard to starting a family at a young age, or you at least have the option to give yourself some time in between each child. You can “afford” to invest in your marriage before adding children to the picture. You’ll also be more likely to do responsible things, like signing up for life insurance and investing your money.


Thinking about marriage ?

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