iOCHOW S5 Book and Document Camera: My Choice!

The iIOCHOW S5 Document Camera is part of the new generation of intelligent document scanners. It is endowed with a multitude of impressive features offering excellent performance to its users. This book and document camera come with powerful software which makes it very efficient in its operation.

This scanner can be used in the field of education or office automation. It is also very useful for transactions carried out at the bank and during training. It is a portable scanner that has the ability to capture and display all types of vibrating objects it scans.

One of the greatest strengths of this portable scanner is its 22-megapixel camera. With this camera, the scanner is able to support ultra-high resolution real-time presentation.

This device can therefore provide you with excellent image sharpness, high resolution and high-quality colors that are ideal for stylish presentations. It has the ability to conveniently scan any A3-size document or object.

Multifunctional device

The iOCHOW Book Scanner is equipped with a number of great features which are based on the latest technology. It has functions such as intelligent continuous shooting, ORC or optical character recognition.
It also has an automatic correction function and is able to freely fill the damaged edges of the pages to be scanned. The scanner is able to automatically merge the two sides of one of the scanned ID photos while ensuring that excess parts are removed.
With its real-time video viewing recording functions, you can use this device on various occasions. It can help you in the creation of sheet music or e-books, during your teaching sessions and meetings.
With the automatic timing and continuous shooting feature, you just have to manually turn the page to allow the timer and scanning to continue to form an image.

Ergonomic design

This document camera has a simple yet elegant design. It is not only easy to handle but can also be flexible and flexible. Although it has the ability to capture documents, manuals, devices, objects with impressive functions, it is very much appreciated because of its dimensions.
Indeed, it is a machine that settles in a domain without taking up too much space. It features an ultra-compact portable design that allows it to slip easily into your bag briefcase.


  • A compact and portable device
  • A high-quality camera of (22 Mp MP) capable of taking high resolution
  • An ergonomic system with the one-click scanning option


  • Software not compatible with Mac OS

My Opinion

The iOCHOW document camera is a quality device that casts a shadow over its competition. The multitude of functions at its disposal allows it to stand out clearly in its category. With a 22MP camera, it is able to support ultra-high resolution instant presentation in real-time.

It provides its users with crisp images and accurate replication of captures and views in A3 format. Although the lack of support on the Mac OS side is to be regretted, this device remains ideal for those looking for a high-performance scanner.

CZUR ET18-P Premium Book Scanner with OCR Function: The Best!

The CZUR brand offers you its premium scanner model ET18-Pro to help you efficiently digitize your large-format books. It is a book scanner with innovative and impressive features ensuring fast and high-quality scanning.
This document scanner has a high-end camera capable of generating a high definition resolution of 18 million pixels. It can therefore offer you very good quality digital content. In addition, it has a host of features that bring significant improvements to your original documents.
However, beyond performance, the brand brings you a device with a beautiful and elegant design. With a stylish, all-black look, it is made up of a solid base where the control panel is located, a pair of sidelights, a black mat where you can store documents to be scanned, a foot pedal, and a specialized manual control. . It also comes with a quick setup guide and a driver on the CD.

Intelligent and automatic correction system

The CZUR ET18 Pro features highly efficient intelligent correction technology. This feature allows it to automatically correct damaged, disproportionate or dirty content on the documents you plan to scan. The device offers you a multitude of document scans in A3, A4, and even smaller formats.

This book scanner also incorporates an advanced flattening feature that allows it to remove curled pages when scanning your books. In addition, it takes care of perfectly cleaning annoying fingerprints, so you have clean and crisp electronic content.

An integrated anti-reflection function

This scanner is equipped with two sidelights that allow you to enjoy good light. This well-developed lighting system also supports minimization reduction and even serves to eliminate the elimination of glare caused by disproportionate light beams.

This guarantees the device an efficient digital reproduction, with scanned content of very good high quality. Through this system, you will be able to get well-readable files without any highlighting.

The scanner has background cleaning technology that allows it to refresh every document it scans. Finally, it can rebalance the disproportions at the edges before effectively launching the scanning process.


  • Sophisticated appearance
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • Fast scanning process (300 pages in 10 minutes)

  • Multiple useful functions


  • Lack of automatic setting

My Opinion

The ET18 Pro book scanner from CZUR has the merit of meeting the expectations of its users. It is really capable of efficiently scanning several types of documents in a very short time. Among the multiple functions with which it is equipped, its automated content correction system of content correction is certainly the most remarkable.
Thanks to it, the device can offer you a more satisfying and attractive result. It’s a stylish scanner that comes with an ultra-precise anti-glare function.