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Today I want to go through and talk to you guys about what I think our pregnancy essentials.

I wrote these down while I was pregnant so they came from a pregnant person, I didn’t try and just think of them afterward there’s actually some things on here that I’m like “oh yeah those actually did come in helpful”

But I want to help you guys out if you are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant then you can get some of these things, and they kinda saved me at that time.


Number one is preggie pop drops I can’t remember what they are like made of but they really helped me during my morning sickness and then also on the topic of morning sickness saltines and Gatorade and with the Gatorade I found the blue Gatorade worth of us I don’t know why Blue Raider aid works the best for a lot of things apparently.

But I would actually take the Gatorade and I would freeze them in an ice cube tray and then I would have them in ice cubes and it was like wonderful

Also while I was pregnant I remember right at the beginning being kind of sick like I just talked about and I was kind of like dizzy and with that, I bought these sea-bands you can actually get them at Amazon through this link :

And I think they kind of helped I don’t really know if they held like a ton ton ton but I think they helped a good amount.

So that helped me and I was pregnant.

And I also got an eye mask, it sounds ridiculous, kind of,

there’s like a week span in there where I would get so angry in the mornings because I’d wake up and I couldn’t go back to sleep because there’s too much light in the room.


I don’t know why I didn’t just buy like darken curtains but instead, I bought an eye mask and I used it for like a week.


The next thing that I used a ton during pregnancy especially the second half of my pregnancy and I still kind of used like post part of, just cuz it’s comfortable was a Boppy wedge or like a pillow.

I didn’t buy the total body pillow because those things are pretty expensive but I did get this little wedge one.

It worked really really well sometimes I would use it to put behind my back because I’d always need some support by my back and then other times I would place it under my belly and have it as like a wedge under my belly and give my belly some support

So I used it all the time and I just think it was totally essential to help me get through all of the sleep problems that pregnancy came with.

Some of the other things that I wrote down are a little more optional but I still think that they were essential for getting me through it.

One would be a water bottle and just buy a cute water bottle because you’re supposed to drink water all the time and it helps to have a cute one to drink it from.

a cute one like this :

You also might want to get a comfy pair of tennis shoes and get like a no time one, so you slip on
Because eventually, it’s really hard to get your leg up there and tie your shoes.

But make sure they are comfy because it’s enough weight when you’re walking around they’re putting enough pressure on your feet and try not to wear flat shoes like I did around Disneyworld, it was stupid

You also want lotion obviously…

It’s good to get like a body lotion, in the end, Palmer’s belly lotion, or some type of bio-oil for your belly because I think that someone once made me have so many stretch marks after the fact that I was not good about putting lotion on it and it stretched too fast.

So make sure to have lotion everywhere…

I also think it’s important to have healthy snacks around the house as annoying and boring as that sounds with all the cravings that you have while pregnant.

When I was hungry I would just eat whatever I saw whatever came to mind.

Yeah… I know…

So it really helped to have healthy stuff as options.

So okay I’m hungry I’m gonna go have a yogurt rather than ice cream.

I just think that that made me feel so much better, I still had ice cream all the time but it was still nice to have like healthy options and then give me some more energy as well.

I think that the Bee band or any other type of belly band, but I think it’s called Bee band, you can find them on Amazon in here :

I think they are essential.

I made it almost my whole pregnancy without having to buy any maternity pants, I am like over six feet tall so it’s a struggle but I bought like one pair of maternity shorts and they worked well but in between that stage of just like I’m totally over this last trimester and when you have like no belly in between that it’s really hard because you go out with belts you go out with jeansand I think they’re essential to help you save some money on maternity pants because maternity pants can be so expensive… yeah.

and if you can afford it here’s the link :

I also wrote down eye drops because I personally glasses and my eyes got so dry, my eyes totally changed during pregnancy and after pregnancy um..

But during pregnancy, they got so so so dry all the time.

I actually was “diagnosed” or whatever with dry eye syndrome after I got pregnant.

So the hormones and stuff mess with your eyes and I think eyedrops are essential.

so here you go :

And one of the last things that I have written down is fingernail polish laughing I hope this smiley face next to it…

I just really mean something that you can pamper yourself with sometimes I just feel a lot better when I have polish on my fingers or some type of makeup or some type of lipstick and that seems superficial but anything even a book…

Anything that’s going to let you pamper yourself and relax and just feel good.

Because sometimes towards the end of pregnancy you get bloated you gain tons of weight and you just feel large and having fingernail polish or something that just makes you feel good it’s kind of essential to just your mind.

And then last but not least it sounds kind of cliche… foot-in-mouth
But I think the most important thing to have while you’re pregnant is a support system.

Having your partner to help, your mom or mother-in-law if they’re in town, and then if you are like a single parent or you’re going to be a single parent just finding a close friend to be a sense of support throughout this whole thing cuz Parenthood it’s hard it’s amazing it’s the most amazing thing ever.

But it’s really hard sometimes too.

So it’s just so important to have someone that you can go to and turn to questions or just to get stuff off your chest and also just experience the joys.


Those are my pregnancy essentials, those are some things that I wrote down on while I was pregnant that helped me get through pregnancy.

but also just kind of liked it more because sometimes it’s not very fun being pregnant
but sometimes some of these things helped make it more enjoyable.

if you like this post just leave a comment I would really appreciate that, or share it with a friend who is pregnant or about to tongue-out

Thank you ! And Good Luck !

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