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  • Hospitals across the uk say they’re facing intense pressure as the number of coronavirus infections continues to rise
  • Three ambulance trusts in the south of england are urging people to only call 999 if there’s a genuine emergency london ambulance service says in corona news that boxing day was one of the busiest 24 hours in its history and in scotland
  • Also in latest corona news Doctors say health services could be overwhelmed if the relaxation of coverage restrictions for christmas triggers a surge in cases

Health services across the country are under pressure and in some areas such as wales and london they’re under particular strain the capital is where the new variant of coronavirus is growing most rapidly

The london ambulance service has reported in here latest corona news related that boxing day was one of its busiest days ever second only to march the 16th earlier this year when the first wave of the pandemic was beginning to surge

On the 26th of december this year the service dealt with 7918 emergency calls that’s an increase of more than 50 percent on last year’s total for the same day of 5217.

In order to meet the rising demand the service is putting back office staff on the road and drafting in extra ambulances from neighbouring regions other ambulance services in the south east are reporting similar problems

ambulance trusts in particular are coming under extreme pressure as our community and mental health services everybody affected by the impact of covid and talking to trust leaders overnight they are under no illusion about how challenging this is  Safron Cordery :   Deputy Chief executive

In wales more than half of intensive care beds are now occupied by covered patients it’s a situation described as unprecedented in corona news.

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