Today I want to talk to you about the 3 secrets of a successful marriage, so I’ve been married for quite a while and I can tell you that it’s not an easy thing to maintain you have to constantly work on your marriage if you want Real Results, to listen up
these three secrets are ordered from the highest priority down to the lowest

Secret #1

The first secret is about chemistry, compatibility, when you meet someone do you actually click is it someone that you can be with for the rest of your life is their actual chemistry and can you guys work together for as long as you live

Because a lot of times people force themselves into a relationship for the wrong reasons maybe they want to have sex or maybe they want money or maybe he’s just too convenient but you’ve got to actually ask the question, the compatibility and the chemistry in all regards in this relationship if you wanted to be successful.

figuring out chemistry isn’t always an easy decision one day I made a list of all the pros and cons and I realize that the pros far outweigh the little cons.

I discovered that “this was my wife” one of the biggest things that she ever gave me was listening, she paid attention to me and she gave me respect and once I understood that she understood me I decided to put a ring on it because I made one of toughest boldest decisions in my life

we began to work together and we coalesce our so that we built a business that became the foundation of our relationship and helped us to reach Financial Independence, what about you? if you’re dating or you have a spouse, try to figure out ways that you could be more compatible, try to find ways that you can blend your chemistry so you can build something greater than yourselves.

Secret #2

Now the reason why I said chemistry first is because before you talk about spirituality you have to figure out if you click, if you click eventually spirituality will come into play and you’ll understand whether your spouse is actually the person you want to be with based on their spirit

Now 1 key fact about spirituality, is that spirits change

when when I first met my wife I can tell you for sure that my spirit wasn’t exactly where it is today, I had a lot of maturing to do, and I had to make great changes before I became the man I am today.

These ever-evolving Spirits play a vital role in our lives and we have to consciously decide which Spirit we want to invite, eventually.

I and my wife determine that we’re going to follow this one Spirit the source of Truth and we clung into that and it changed our whole outlook in our life, it gave us a bigger purpose and a larger vision and a lot of work that comes with it.

When you’re dealing with a partner or a spouse you got to ask them :
what do you actually believe? what is your foundation? what are you creed? what are your ideals ? are there any specific books that you follow? what’s your philosophy?

when you ask them these tough questions you’ll be able to access their spirit and understand them a lot better and eventually, you can solve your problems when you allow greater power to control your life eventually when you get on the same spiritual Road you can use your powers to get to any goal you truly desire.

Secret #3

The third secret to a successful marriage is the money it’s highly important and unfortunately, the majority of people don’t talk about money as much as they should.

There’s actually a lot of people that don’t even share the same bank account didn’t even know how much their spouse saved, or what they’re investing in or how they spend their money, and this is a shame.

If you want to have a good relationship with your spouse you have to understand the vital role that money plays in your life and your relationship money is so important and it allows you to build the foundation that you want in your family that allows you to know exactly where you can go and how you can get there because money is a resource that once you understand your money once you know your money you can grow your money together.

When I first started my relationship with my wife we had a lot of conversations about money, some of them were tough and some of them were easy, but eventually, we had to find the balance, we had to find the common understanding and breakthrough and every time we did we earned more money and we felt better along the way.

in many relationships, people have different goals sometimes the man like to spend and a woman likes to save or vice versa, you gotta talk trough these differences and find out what is the actual balance that you need to adjust to, what can you guys do together in your financial realm in order to make your money work for you, once you figure out your finances, your fortune will come your way

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